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【Gluten-free】Teriyaki Chicken (Frozen/Cooked)


- Using S-Pure No Added Hormone Chicken
- House-made gluten-free teriyaki sauce
- Can be kept in the freezer for 1 month
- Only need to put in boiling water to reheat, ready in 10mins
- Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free



We made our own gluten-free teriyaki sauce with no MSG, no artificial flavourings or colourings! We also use the premium chicken from S-Pure.

S-Pure chicken is fresh, clean and flavourful without administration of antibiotics, growth hormones or growth promoters. Select high-quality, chicken breeds and raise chickens in a closed-system farming environment equipped with high technology system to help protect them from infection and parasites.

*Photos are for reference only. This product does not include the rice and vegetables in the photo.


gluten-free teriyaki chicken rice

S-pure hormone-free chicken


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Product Details

Ingredients: S Pure No added hormone chicken, cooking sake (Rice, Malted Rice, Fermented Alcohol), hon mirin (Glutinous Rice, Rice Koji, Distilled Alcohol, Dextrose), gluten-free soy sauce (water, soybean, salt, sugar, corn starch), brown sugar, sesame oil, olive oil, ginger, garlic.

Allergen Warning: contains soy and sesame.
Consumption Method: No thawing required. Put in boiling water and cook for 10 mins. Take out, remove the packaging and serve.
Storage Method: Please store in the freezer at -18C.
Net Weight: 125-145g (varies depends on the chicken)

Important Information
The above details are to help you choose the right product. However, the product and its ingredients may change due to factory production.
Before using the product, you should read the label on the product instead of relying solely on the information provided here.