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【Gluten-free & Vegan】Chocolate Kougelhopf Cake 6”


- Free of gluten, dairy, yeast, egg, soy
- Vegan

Double chocolate, banana, vostizza currants, white mulberries… all combined for a blissful and delicious treat!

gluten-free vegan kougelhopf chocolate cake


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Reduced Sugar Recipe

With dairy-free and sugar-free chocolate chips, raw Peruvian cacao powder, healthy coconut sugar and maple syrup, indulge this cake without worry!

Maple syrup, a syrup made from the sap of the maple tree, has a glycemic index of only about 54, which is lower than regular sugar, which is about 65.

Organic coconut sugar has a glycemic index of only 35, and coconut sugar is extracted from coconut nectar.


Free of Top Allergens

Our recipe does not use wheat, gluten, egg, dairy, soy, sesame, or potato. 

We carefully select natural and quality ingredients for those who need specialty diet to enjoy it with peace of mind.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


Nutritious Grains

Unlike most gluten-free cakes in the market, we use nutritious quinoa flour and buckwheat flour. Our own gluten-free flour blend creates a texture that like no other!


Natural Decoration

No added colourings. We use natural freeze-dried Finnish lingonberries and chopped pistachios decorate our cakes. Health comes first!

(if you’re allergic to nuts, you can choose to go ‘nut-free’ by selecting the option before you add this product to your shopping cart)



6 inch (serves 5~8 pax)(~700g)

*Remark:This cake is not a sponge cake. The texture is more like a muffin. 


Each cake comes along a candle and birthday plastic tag for free.
If you don't need it, please tell us in the Remarks as you place your order.

Please order 3 days in advance. You may indicate your required date in the Remarks column as you place your order. If you’re urgent, please call us at (852) 2137 0719 or whatsapp (852) 5122 1279.

NutriAlley Cakes are available for pick up at Nam Cheong Shop for free, or deliver to your address with an addition of HK$120. 

The cake will be available for pick up after 3pm on the day of your order at Nam Cheong Shop.
For delivery option, the delivery hour is 3-7pm.


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Detailed Ingredients: Gluten-free flour (white rice flour, buckwheat flour, quinoa flour), vostizza currants, white mulberries, dairy-free chocolate chips, rice milk, olive oil, organic coconut sugar, apple cider vinegar, psyllium husk powder, organic maple syrup, baking powder, salt, baking soda, chopped pistachios, Finnish freeze-dried lingonberries. 


Storage Method

Please consume at room temperature on the same day. If you cannot finish the whole cake on the same day, you may keep in the fridge at 0-4C for 3-4 days. Then please reheat by microwave or oven before your consumption. 


*The cake is produced in a gluten-free kitchen, but other product lines may handle nuts, soy, sesame and potato products.

*The above photos are for reference only. The cakes are made by hand, and the appearance of each cake may be slightly different. The actual object shall prevail.


Important information

The above details are to help you choose the right product. However, the product and its ingredients are subject to change due to factory manufacturing.
Before using a product, you should read the label on the product and not rely solely on the information presented here.