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520 - Postcard (A6 size)


The artworks were inspired by dreams and impressions. We hope to bring the invisible world in reality for everyone to see and be inspired, so as to bring encouragement and hope to your life. 

The postcards are printed on mingle card in A6 size (148x105mm) for collection.

Listening to the song on the back to appreciate the watercolor painting, you should have a different feeling!

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To love, to be loved. 

All of creation exists because of love. All creation created is unique and distinct, born out of an uncontainable and boundless love. 

Humanity exists because of love, there are no two versions of you, and your uniqueness is shrouded in a cloud of glory.

The 520 series represents an eternal love story, one written before the start of time. The love story continues without limits amidst an everchanging world, it stays consistent, relentless and faithful. 

To love and to be loved on is a choice, but are you willing to be a partaker?



Featured Music

Each box of cookie comes along with a postcard. On the back of the postcard are two songs selected according to the theme. Simply use your phone to scan the QR code and listen.

Eric Chow and artists – Forever Beautiful 

We specially selected this “Forever Beautiful: All for One Version” which 14 collaborating Sony Music artists joined Eric Chou by recording their parts remotely across the Asia region. This song celebrates the unique beauty of each individual across many ethnicities and cultures of Asia. 

Stars Go Dim – You Are Loved

Whenever you feel alone and powerless, look up and see how wonderfully you were made!
‘We're not made to be superheroes, photoshopped, all size zeroes.’ These lyrics spoke strongly along with our theme. We all have our own kind of light and worthy of being loved!

 Bonnie explaining watercolor drawing 520

The Inspiration

This theme was inspired by a dream in which the author received a box of cookies with 520 written on it. 520 means ‘I love you’ as their pronunciation in mandarin is similar. After waking up, the author thought that in the Chinese culture, people don’t usually say “I love you” directly, and often even feel uneasy to say it. So we think it would be a romantic idea to make cookies engraved with "520" and make it become a medium for people to express love. 

When the author was drawing the painting, she also received an impression of a beautiful and sparkling pearl. She felt this vision represents God’s love for us as thought He is saying ‘I love you’ to each one of us. In His eyes, we are all like the precious and beautiful jewel in His palm. 

The background of the pearl is the cosmic starry sky with colours. This represents God so loved us so He created everything in the nature and universe for us to enjoy. And we can feel His love through all the creation we see by our eyes. 

These are why the name of this theme is called 520, meaning to love and be loved.

520 postcard with cookies



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