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Anchor of Peace - Postcard (A6 size)


The artworks were inspired by dreams and impressions. We hope to bring the invisible world in reality for everyone to see and be inspired, so as to bring encouragement and hope to your life. 

The postcards are printed on mingle card in A6 size (148x105mm) for collection.

Listening to the song on the back to appreciate the watercolor painting, you should have a different feeling!

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Anchor of Peace

Everything started from a covenant. Life began from a covenant of love. Should the sky fall, or the earth tremble, this covenant stays the same, strong, unbreakable and unchanging. 

True freedom comes from within.

A still, small voice is calling and knocking the door of your heart.

Are you listening to the noise around you, or the sound of peace from the source of life?

Through the paintings and music of the "Anchor of Peace" series, we hope to take you through the valley of the shadow of death and wipe off your tears, the brightest sunlight is waiting for you on the other side!


Featured Music

On the back of the postcard are two songs selected according to the theme. Simply use your phone to scan the QR code and listen.

Janice Vidal - Be Still

The message of this song coincides with our theme – focusing on our breathe and pace but not the surrounding that might drain us into restlessness, remorse and jealousy. Will you be like the ship that not be shaken by the storm? Will you continue the journey with persistence and hope? Be still and let the inner peace lead you to set sail.

North Point Worship - Anchor of Peace

The name of this theme is ‘Anchor of Peace’. Everyone has an invisible anchor in their hearts, but everyone puts the anchor in a different position. Can money, work, and romance really be the foundation of safety in our lives?

Where you put your anchor will determine the breadth of your life and the ability to withstand pressure in adversity. This song explains where the true anchor of peace is. 

 Bonnie explain watercolor anchor of peace

The Inspiration

When the author was thinking about the anchor of soul, she saw an image of a ship sailing in a storm. The ship is not afraid of the headwind but moves forward with confidence and courage to the destination ahead - the blue sky seen as it looked up. 

This painting symbolizes that despite the challenges and difficulties in life, we need to focus on things that bring us hope and faith. Instead of relying on the irritating noises around us, we can choose to listen to the calming voice from the source of life.

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