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French Premium Honey


Hédène, founded by Cyril Marx and Alexis Ratouis, who were born in a traditional French beekeeping family, is a well-known premium honey brand. All products are 100% made in France. Hédène is renowned for its expert beekeeping and production. Hédène is also loved by top chefs for its excellence and refined quality.


Organic Thyme & Green Propolis Oral Spray

This portable & elegant glass of propolis spray with effective ingredients Thyme and Green Propolis can help:

•    To relief nasal congestion, runny nose, throat discomfort

•    To relief symptoms of aphthous ulcer & promote oral cell recovery.

•    To treat minor acute inflammatory conditions of the buccal cavity & pharynx

hedene honey comb
hedene honey comb

Sustainable Beekeeping

Hédène's production process focuses on quality rather than quantity, and only willing to use honey harvested in the French region. The spirit of pursuing quality allows sustainable beekeeping and treats worker bees well. Hédène promises to select honey frames only from super hives, so that the colony of bees can support each other in the harsh winter. In addition, Hédène has established a permanent hive policy to respect the natural rhythm of life of bees in the environment.

bee on flower
bee on flower