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Unlocking Health

Fresh Green Juice

Delicious and enjoyable, each cup of our Green Juice is freshly cold-pressed upon order with at least 300g of pesticide-free, raw vegetables and fruits! Enjoy the healing power and goodness of the nature at your fingertips!

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green juice more than 300g vegetable and fruits in one cup

Green Blood

Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients, our green juice is your Green Blood that strengthen your immunity, improve gut health, have clearer skin and longevity!

Deliciously Powerful

Ever think of green juice can be delicious yet with ALL the goodness? We tasted and paired different combinations of vegetables and fruits to give you the most enjoyable juicing experience. 

Do you know broccoli is better be eaten raw than cooked? But who will bite it raw! Juicing solves all the challenges of unpleasant chewings. We have used raw broccolini in most of our juices as a powerful ingredient to enhance your bodily functions.

We could even be the first one that create green juice with broccolini in Hong Kong!

Green Popeye

Taste: Sweet, salty, slightly earthy

Sweetness: ****

Our all-time favourite and beginner’s choice. This is a delicious, everyday green juice for strong immunity.
Naturally sweeten by fresh apple, this juice has broccolini as the key ingredient for detox and prevention properties,
also kale for stronger bones.

Chill Pill

Taste: Sweet, slightly earthy

Sweetness: *****

This juice is best to support sharp vision and clear skin. Carrot juice and kale are ‘firefighters’ that give calmness to your body. Naturally sweeten by fresh carrot and apple, even kids will love this drink!


Taste: Grassy, Sweet, Earthly

Sweetness: ***

In the combination of broccolini and celery, this juice serves as your heart guardian for better cardiovascular
health. Balanced with red and yellow bell pepper, this juice is naturally sweet and delicious. Lettuce also adds extra crisp and freshness to your taste.


Taste: Earthy, salty, hint of ginger

Sweetness: **

100% pure vegetable juice for powerful detox and rejuvenation. With the natural sweetness from lettuce and broccolini, this juice is earthy, bit salty with hint of ginger. Suitable for those who are concerned about sugar intake.

Restore and Revive

Full of active living enzymes, our green juices are truly the Green Blood that brings life to you! Living enzymes is
known for improving digestive health and overall immunity.

And why is our juices green? Because of chlorophyll! Chlorophyll is such a powerful substance that can bind with carcinogens and harmful substances, which in turn be excreted out from our bodies. Remove the nasties so you can live at your best!

Our green juice is also the best fuel for your body that nourishes and protects. Loaded with bone and cell building nutrients, drink the juice daily to keep you going!

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testimonial green juice taste Bonnie
testimonial green juice taste Kin Chau
testimonial green juice taste Jessica
testimonial green juice taste Sabrina

Detox Effect

As your body starts to revive and restore internally, you may experience a transition phase before you feel better.

Just keep providing the good fuel – green juice – for your body to do the job.