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Nearly 100 years of history

Mega-dose Vitamin C Therapy

Mr. Dave Lam, nutrition consultant of VegiLife, and his wife believe that the body can restore its function and immunity when the diet pattern is changed comprehensively. In the past 10 years, they have been enthusiastic about helping patients fight cancer and long-term patients with diet therapy.

In addition to the plant-based Hallelujah Diet, they import the liposomal vitamin C from the United States to help friends who want to carry out high-dose vitamin C therapy.

We have done many researches to study the usage and benefits of high-dose vitamin C. The more we study, the more we are amazed at its power! May this product brings hope to those who are battling in the darkness.

Liposomal Vitamin C

What is 'liposome'?

Liposomes are "phospholipid bilayer spheres", which can carry water-soluble vitamin C in the middle, and are only 100-200nm in size.

Trojan horse for cell rescue

As almost all body cell membranes are made of phospholipids just like the liposome, the liposome can quickly "connect" with the cell and release its encapsulated Vitamin C into the cell. It is like a Trojan Horse sent to our cells to the rescue!

The liposome (the phospholipid) is absorbed directly into bloodstream as lipid without digestion. Thus, allowing the serum concentration to reach much higher than the maximum 220 micromol/L without being regulated by the kidney.

Better than water-soluble vitamin C

x7 times absorption

The absorption rate of water-soluble vitamin C is only 14-30% orally. No matter how much you eat, the highest blood concentration can only reach 220 MICROMOL/L. But you need to have at least 1000-5000 MICROMOL/L to achieve immunity and killing enemies. Only by liposome vitamin C or intravenous can do this.


Liposomal Vitamin C

Can be used in high doses. Vitamin C in liposomes allow direct absorption into the blood, directly to the cells.

Liposomal vitamin C is 5-10 times more effective than intravenous injection.

Suitable for direct consumption, or mix with water.

5-criteria to choose liposomal vitamin C

1. True and false liposome technology

If the product says "fat-soluble vitamin C" , it is not true liposomal vitamin C. Fat-soluble vitamin C is the same as water-soluble vitamin C after being digested in the small intestine, which cannot achieve pharmacological effects.

You may also check the list of ingredients. If it contains Ascorbyl Palmitate, it is fat-soluble vitamin C, not real liposomal vitamin C.

2. Liposome size

The finer the liposome the better, preferably up to 100-200nm.

If it is not specified on the product, it is mostly 500-600nm, because the finer the technology, the higher the cost.

3. Liquid vs powder form

Liposomal vitamin C is manufactured in liquid form. If it is made into powder, dehydration is required and is the most economical way in production. But vitamin C is destroyed when the temperature exceeds 38 degrees. The body also need to return the powdery form to liquid state after consumption. The efficacy of powder-form liposomal vitamin C is unknown.

4. Alcohol-free

Do not choose ones that contain alcohol.

5. Quality Standard

For products that made in the USA, it shall be produced in an FDA licensed cGMP facility.

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