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nutrialley amazing vitamin c header
nutrialley amazing vitamin c header

Amazing vitamin C

Our bodies cannot manufacture vitamin C on their own. Vitamin C is widely known to build collagen and support a strong immune system.

High-dose vitamin C can even achieve pharmacological effects and can be used to kill viruses, cancer cells, etc. High-dose vitamin C therapy has been praised by many scholars, including Irwin Stone (American Biochemical Scientist and chemical engineer), Linus Pauling (father of molecular biology and Nobel laureate), Thomas Edward Levy (medical doctor, cardiologist and JD).

They provide a lot of evidence to support the multiple uses of vitamin C in high doses (grams) including act as natural
antibiotics, antiviral drugs and antibacterial substances.

Let's take a closer look at what vitamin C can do!

Amazing Vitamin C: Episode 1
2 ways to more efficient intake of vitamin C

Amazing Vitamin C: Episode 2
Vitamin C is antiviral?

維他命C 可減輕病毒引起痛楚?
Amazing Vitamin C: Episode 3
Vitamin C can relieve virus-related pain?
Illustrated with shingles

Amazing Vitamin C: Episode 4
How vitamin C kill virus:Fenton reaction

High-dose vitamin C has antiviral, microbial, fungal and parasitic properties?

Clinical studies since the 1970s have found that intake of high levels of vitamin C has antibacterial effects and can be used as an antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic. Come learn how vitamin C acts as a natural antibiotic!

Vitamin C relieves virus-related pain

High doses of vitamin C can relieve pain caused by the virus, including muscle pain, joint pain or neuralgia.

Vitamin C has a virus inactivation effect, and can kill various viruses, pathogens and cancer cells. These are all proven

Vitamin c and skin health decoded

The skin is where the body stores the most vitamin C!

Let's learn about the relationship of vitamin C to skin health, especially for eczema patients, and how vitamin C can help us look beautiful and whiten our skin!