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broccoli prince with heart
broccoli prince with heart

Broccoli Prince

After three years of conception, shaping, and painting, a cartoon character dedicated to NutriAlley was born!

Starting today, Broccoli Prince will accompany you through the journey of recovery and rediscovery of true health!


Do you know broccoli is a flower?

Broccoli is beautiful in its own way - both inside and out.

Broccoli is unique and nutritious, even contains the most man-needed detoxifier that brings healing. 

Broccoli Prince represents each one of us who are uniquely created to be a blessing to this world.

Be different, for you were born to stand up and stand out!

Be yourself, for you were born to create a legend!

Broccoli Prince


Despite without bright colours, Broccoli Prince is proud of being different from other flowers.

He believes in the unique beauty on each individual.

Broccoli Prince is passionate and cares for those around him. When he sees someone who's sick, he will give his florets and feed that person.

A bit shy, full of curiosity and love to explore.

Always in awe of the nature and creation.

Professor B.


Professor B is the principal of NutriSchool.

He knows all things about nature and man.

He is the teacher of Broccoli Prince.



Master is the wisest elder in the Kingdom.

He can travel through time and space, and know everything about the past, present, and future.

Legend has it that he created the sun, moon and stars by speaking.

Broccoli Prince

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Broccoli Prince
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