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master and broccoli prince
master and broccoli prince
Many diseases do not come overnight

What kind of life are you building?

Physical health is not just about eating certain foods. True health has a lot to do with our heart and mind.

Holistic health is not just related to the consumption of genetically modified foods, chemical additives, refined foods, etc. True health is greatly related to our soul and being.

Each of us is made up of three parts:

Body, Mind, Spirit.

These three parts are equally important.

Scientifically proven

Mind-Body Connection

The mind-body connection is real. Every thought or feeling we have - happy or unhappy - shapes the structure of our brain which in turn affects our physical health!

The brain is just like a garden. We need to pay effort to make it pretty.

How are you treating your garden?

Our brain is changeable

The good news is our brain-garden is changeable!

No matter how long you left it unattended, you can make it beautiful again!

Studies found that our brain is the only organ in the body that is malleable and constantly changing!

Every thought, feeling, belief and attitude can positively or negatively affect the neural structure and capabilities of our brain. [1][2][3]

This process is scientifically known as Neuroplasticity. [4]

Healthy brain cells are like big trees

A neuron is like a tree. A healthy brain cell looks like a flourishing tree. The cell’s nucleus is the trunk; those in the axon are the roots; and the dendrites are the branches.

The more beautiful trees we have in our brains, the healthier our brains are. [5]

Brain cells will send signals from one to another in energy waves to the hypothalamus (Hypothalamus) which converts our thoughts into substantial bodily physical responses such as the release or suppression of hormones to the thyroid, adrenal glands and reproductive organs etc. [6]

Healthy brain cells secrete healthy hormones, including dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, which all make the body feel happy, uplifted and healed. [7]

Negative Emotions Are Stress

Work pressure, financial difficulties, relationships and worries about national or world problems, and even adverse childhood experiences such as parental divorce, emotional, physical or sexual abuse, etc., are all stress to the body. Long term thinking about these put the body under chronic stress. [8][9][10][11]

When chronically stressed, dendrites and gray matter in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory, shrink in size. [12][13][14][15]

Negative thoughts also slow down the brain's ability to function and hinder cognition; reduce activity in the cerebellum - the brain that controls coordination, balance, relationships with others and speed of thought.

Negative thoughts no longer produce healthy brain cells like a tree, but like a cactus! Every time you think about that negative feeling or thought, you will build more cactus-like brain cells, or make the existing ones stronger.

Cactus brain cells also secrete toxic chemicals that cause the hypothalamus to react, causing excess adrenaline, cortisol, etc. to enter the blood, causing the body to get sick.

Chronic Stress From Emotions

Causes Leaky Gut

When under chronic stress, the body has elevated cortisol. So what happens to excess cortisol?

High levels of cortisol significantly reduce secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA)—immune antibodies that are found throughout mucosal barriers including the eyes, mouth, sinuses, throat, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, vagina, and genitourinary tract.

Especially in the intestinal tract, the lack of immune antibodies makes the inner wall of the intestinal tract more easily damaged, increasing the permeability of the intestinal tract, leading to "leaky gut syndrome". [22]

Stress also triggers the activation of mast cells, which release histamine. Originally this substance is used to help the body heal, but when there is no place to heal, the histamine spreads all over the body... When it goes to the digestive system, it produces an inflammatory response, which also causes a leaky gut. [23]

(Photo credit: 李宜霖胃腸肝膽科)

Leaky Gut

Causes Chronic Inflammation

What's the problem with leaky gut? Leaky gut means allowing proteins that have not been broken down and digested to enter the bloodstream. The body sees this food protein as a "foreign invader" and attacks it—triggering an immune response! The result of this reaction is an inflammatory response. Symptoms can range from joint pain, headaches, eczema, brain fog, to anxiety and irritability.

Having a leaky gut long term means the body suffers from chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the most favourable environment for all kinds of chronic diseases.

Furthermore, when an immune response is triggered, a memory cell is also created. Therefore, the next time you eat the same food again, your body will produce an immune response called Immunoglobulin G (IgG) to call white blood cells for "rescue", and you will have "food sensitivity". [24][25][26]

5 Steps To Detox Your Mind

5 simple and scientific steps to detox trauma and toxic thinking.

Take actions to turn the "cactus" brain cells into a beautiful "forest" again!

Cause of Major Diseases

Chronic Inflammation

Learn how to fight inflammation with diet!

The key to holistic health

Spirit-Mind-Body Connection

Men learn from hearing and teaching. Have you ever wondered who taught us to know how to have fear, anxiety and stress?

Our mind is like a battlefield each day. There are noises around us every moment to worry and fear. We need to think about what we think and make a wise choice: to continue meditate on those negative thoughts, or happy memories and feelings.  

If we listened to the incoming noise that asked us to worry and think we make up this thought ourselves, as we continue to think on this thought, our brain will then grow cactus-like toxic brain cells. These cells release toxic chemicals and will eventually cause us to fall sick.

Reconciliation Is The Key

The spirit-mind-body connection is real because of how the universe is connected through frequencies and energy.

The body, mind and spirit are three different parts. There has been a missing piece if we only focus on the mind-body connection.

Broken relationship is the main reason why a person cannot live with joy and freedom - become mentally healthy from within. And broken relationship happens in three dimensions, including with self, with others, and with Creator God. All three dimensions are essential to make a person whole.

We are made to connect with our Creator. Jesus is the way that allow us to be reconciled back to God. Only through Him, we can restore our identity and the meaning of life.

This chance of reconciliation is a gift! It does not depends on how hard you work or the money you earn.

Only when you are reconciled with God, you can then slowly reconcile with yourself, as well as all those around you.

Each of us has a purpose and meaning here on earth.

There is no fear in love and this perfect love can only be found from God.

We pray that you could experience this love too!

Feel free to use these Broccoli Prince mobile phone wallpaper as your daily reminder! To download, long press to save the picture.

broccoli prince meditate on good things Philippians 4:8

Think positive!

before I formed you in the womb i knew you Jeramiah 1:9

I knew you in the womb

mobile wallpaper mockup broccoli prince
mobile wallpaper mockup broccoli prince
mobile wallpaper mockup broccoli prince
mobile wallpaper mockup broccoli prince
mobile wallpaper mockup broccoli prince
mobile wallpaper mockup broccoli prince