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In the library, you can find a lot of knowledge and letters written by Professor B to Prince Broccoli, let's learn together!


Taking care of your mental Health is as important as physical health.

5 Steps To Detox Your Mind

When we embrace negative emotions as warning signals process, and manage this by processing and reconceptualizing our thinking, this produces significant improvement in bodily inflammation, cellular health and biological aging. Let's learn 5 simple and scientific steps to detox trauma and toxic thinking.

How Thoughts Affect Immunity

Prolonged negative emotions and thoughts act like stress that directly build harmful brain cells in our bodies. Understand how chronic stress steals our health.


Everything about nutrition and physical health.

Relieving Stomach Sickness with Blackcurrants

Busy lifestyle, irregular eating habits, stress from exams and work can all contribute to stomach discomfort and gastrointestinal problems. Blackcurrant is a natural food that can help improve stomach upset?

Fight Inflammation & Eczema with Seabuckthorn

Seabuckthorn is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E – much more than other fruits and vegetables! Its medical use has been recorded since the Qing Dynasty. Seabuckthorn contains more than 190 kinds of nutrients and 60 kinds of antioxidants, which can promote heart health and skin health!

Immunity Fundamentals

Immunity 101

Our body got a whole tribe of soldiers that fight against foreign 'invaders'! Let's learn about our mighty immune system!

Vitamin C

Apart from collagen synthesis, vitamin C is pharmacological when use in high dose? What is liposomal vitamin C?

Vitamin D

Vitamain D is a sun-shine vitamin. Apart from helping the absorption of calcium, it can calm the adaptive immune system and reduce inflammation.


Zinc is the gatekeeper of our immune system and helps to initiate immune response.


Learn how to cook and handle ingredients.

Best Way to Cook Broccoli

If you cook broccoli/cauliflower right after you chop them, there will be no anti-cancer substance, sulforaphane! What's the best way to cook them?

Debunking the Mystery of Gluten-free Baking

How to enjoy and succeed in gluten-free baking? How to make gluten-free food more nutritious?