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Welcome to NutriSchool

Your path to discover true health!

True health begins with the heart and the right knowledge.

It's time to meet a better you!

True health

Many diseases do not happen overnight, but a process that accumulates over time...

Physical health is not just related to eating certain foods. True health has a lot to do with our mind.

Come to understand the connection between body and mind.

happy broccoli prince
happy broccoli prince header

Why gluten-free?

Is wheat gluten related to everyone? Why go on a gluten-free diet?

We found modern wheat has three times more genes than what our ancestors ate, so no one can fully digest it and cause leaky gut...  

Eczema & Nutrient deficiency

Are you eating empty calories every day? Even if you live in a material-rich city, it is still common for your body to be deficient in nutrients and vitamins due to eating too many empty-calorie foods.

Studies have found that patients with eczema lack a variety of nutrients, and the degree of eczema is directly related to the lack of nutrients.

sad broccoli prince crown on floor
sad broccoli prince crown on floor

Amazing vitamin C

In addition to forming collagen and supporting strong immunity, vitamin C can achieve pharmacological effects when used in high doses. Mega dose vitamin C can be used to kill viruses, cancer cells, etc., and even improve beauty!