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Unlocking Health

Green Juice Veggie Pack

Crafted and paired by our founder, Bonnie, who is a WSET Wine and Spirit level 3 holder, our convenient veggie packs make juicing at home easy. As like the art in wine tasting, we tasted and paired tasty combinations for your enjoyment.

Green juice is a powerful gift that you can utilize from nature to receive the most healing properties – so much better than cooked vegetables.

We have tailored our packs in the view of nutrition, taste and functional perspective. So that they can serve these

1. Enhancing the body’s natural detoxification;

2. Enhancing the body's self-healing ability; and

3. Serving as an aid to help fight inflammation.

Explore our veggie pack today and bring the goodness of nature home.

Unique Ingredient


Broccolini, a commonly seen dish, has tremendous benefits when you eat it raw!

All its anti-cancer and antioxidative properties is best preserved when you juice it to consume.

This is why Broccolini is one of our key and unique ingredients!

Benefits You Can Get

1. Better Skin Health

Skin is the mirror of internal health. Our skin not only tells you if you have been exposed to sunshine, it also says about your internal state – if you have any inflammation, hormonal imbalance or toxins accumulation.

Recurring flare up and skin inflammation could be a sign of piled toxin inside the body as skin is the greatest organ for it to exit. Drinking green juice daily helps the body to eliminate toxins and act as the perfect fuel for restoration.

Good internal health brings better and clearer skin.

2. Strong Immunity

Green Juice is your daily all-in-one functional drink that strengthens your immunity!

Vegetables and fruits are your best natural supplement – full of living enzymes, multivitamins (e.g. vitamin C, K, folate), antioxidants (e.g. carotenoids) and minerals (e.g. magnesium, potassium).

Can’t consume enough veggie n a day? Juice it! 

3. Optimize Liver Function

Liver health is so important that we often overlooked. Drinking green juice daily can make sure your liver has the right fuel for function as the body’s main detox centre.

Broccolini provides glucosinolate and sulforaphane which enhances liver detoxification. Chlorophyll in vegetables also helps bind with unwanted toxins and harmful substances so the body can eliminate them.

4. Better Gut Health

Gut is called our second brain. Having good gut health means stronger body and better moods!

Green Juice provides soluble fibre and phytonutrients to serve as prebiotics to feed on the good bacteria in the gut.

Having a good and balanced gut microbiome is the key to overall health.

5. Promotes Healthy Cell Regeneration

We are healthy as long as the cells in our body are healthy.

Folate, vitamin K and magnesium are nutrients found in vegetables that help to protect DNA and make sure proper cell regeneration.

Drinking green juice daily helps to protect and maintain proper cellular functions which brings longevity and good health.

Slow But Long Lasting

Our body is an intelligent creation that can self-repair.

Restoration requires the right fuel – the nutrients from Green Juice. It is natural but effective.
You will be amazed your body is at work at things even you cannot see!

The process of self-healing and restoration takes time. This is slow but long lasting.

0-3 months: Major Detox Period

3-9 months: Body Internal Restoration and Detox Period

9+ months: Transition Stage Till Recovery

* Actual duration may vary in person. Above is only for reference and does not involve any diagnosis or medical treatment.

Pre-washed ‧ Portioned

Vacuumed Veggie Pack

Designed for cold-pressed juicing, one pack contains at least 300g vegetable and fruits, and can yield one cup of juice (at least 200ml using Hurom H310A cold-pressed juicer. Different machine may vary).

All vegetable and fruits are pre-washed and portioned that can be used directly for juicing.

Our packs are also vacuum packed to retain freshness and safe storage space in the fridge!

Clean and safe is our top priority. Wesource vegetables from hydroponics, organic farms and farms that has no pesticides residues.

Weekly Order Cut-off

Veggie packs come in a set of seven. One pack can make one cup of juice.

Orders are cut off every Sunday 11:59pm and will be shipped by SF Express in five to six working days, i.e. arriving the soonest on the next Saturday or Sunday.

(In times of bad weather or typhoon, delivery date may change and we will contact you for further arrangements)

One week: 7 packs, 3 series

The seven-pack contains three series:

Lively Greens: To build a strong immunity, promote cardiovascular and cellular health.

Radiant: To enhance vision and skin health.

Daily Fuel: To improve gut and digestive health, and build healthy food cravings.

The Best Mate

Hurom Cold-Pressed Juicer

With 50 years of history, Hurom has been the pioneer and the world’s No. 1 top selling manufacturer in cold-pressed (masticating) juicer*.

Unlike blender and centrifugal juicer, cold-pressed juicer preserves the most nutrients and antioxidants by extracting the juice at slow speed and low temperature.

Hurom’s patented technology allows you to enjoy premium juicing experience at home with ease.

Fully compatible with leafy greens and celery, Hurom’s juicer is like no other.

*"Hurom, the world's No.1 slow juicer brand in 2017! Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2018ed, retail volume terms, all retail channels, 2017 data"