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poikain parhaat finnish wild berries
poikain parhaat finnish wild berries
Poikain Parhaat

Finnish Freeze-dried Berries

Founded by Nikolas Jokisalo and Pertti Hakala, Poikain Parhaat is a company established in Tampere, Finland. They are committed to promoting the taste of Finland and start off from making high-quality handmade drinks with the best natural materials in Finland.

The product was so popular that they established Poikain Parhaat and started their entrepreneurial journey.

Finnish hand-picked wild berries

Only made from the hand-picked wild berries from the Kainuu Forest in the east of Finland and some small farms, these freeze-dried berries are made by hand.


Freeze-drying is the best way to preserve the taste, color and shape of Finnish wild berries. Fresh wild berries picked by hand are freezed at -35 to -40°C for 24 hours to preserve the natural antioxidants and nutrition in the fruit.

Each pack of freeze-dried wild berries is made of about 10-12 times the weight of fresh wild berries. It is definitely a healthy and delicious snack!

Clean & Pure

Finland, also known as the Land of Midnight Sun, has up to 24 hours of sunshine in summer and renowned of the non-polluted environment.

All finnish berries grow under sufficient sunlight in a pure and pollution-free environment which retain the most nutritional value than conventional cultivated berries.

Poikain Parhaat

Freeze-dried Bilberries

Finnish wild blueberries are richer in anthocyanins than ordinary cultivated ones because of the sufficient sunlight! Anthocyanins can help to delay eye aging and help tired eyes to recover.

Poikain Parhaat

Freeze-dried Raspberries

Raspberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, and can be taken together with vitamin C to achieve the best effect to promote skin health and beauty.

poikain paahaat freeze dried berries
poikain paahaat freeze dried berries