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suphia's vegan raw cake pretty skin berry
suphia's vegan raw cake pretty skin berry
Suphia's Functional Foods

Vegan Ice-cream Cake
【Online Exclusive】

Suphia founded Suphia’s Functional Foods out of her own experience. Years ago, she discovered that dairy, gluten, baking powder, and even sugar could affect her performance. Later, she realized eliminating gluten and dairy products in her daily diet could improve her situation! All previous issues in the body were gone!

Knowing that there are only few truly healthy and delicious options on the market, Suphia embarked the journey of recipe experimentation and product development! Through her delicious creation, she hope to bring joy and hope to more people.

Raw, Vegan, Allergy-friendly

All cakes are raw, vegan, no-bake, and free from gluten, milk, dairy products, yeast, and eggs.

Ice-cream Texture

These cakes have a texture that melts in the mouth like ice cream!

Keto Options

These cake uses 100% nutritious and healthy ingredients. Also have options for diabetics and people on a ketogenic diet.

Berrylicious Ice-cream Cake

【Keto|Gluten-free|Raw & Vegan】

Black Sesame Ice-cream Cake

【Keto|Gluten-free|Raw & Vegan】

Chocolate & Avocado Ice Cream Cake

【Keto|Gluten-free|Raw & Vegan】

Peanut Butter Caramelized Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

【Gluten-free|Raw & Vegan】

Storage Method

The cakes can be kept in the freezer (-18C) for 3 months or in the fridge (0-4C) for 3 days.

Order Details


4 inch (serves 2~4 pax)(~half pound)

6 inch (serves 5~8 pax)(~one pound)

*Please note our cakes are raw cakes instead of sponge cakes. The size looks smaller than usual sponge cake and the texture is like ice cream that melts in your mouth.  The ingredients we use are all superfoods that nourish your body and mind and give your body nutrients that are great for your brain and skin.

Each cake comes along a candle and birthday card for free.

We can offer a birthday plastic tag with an addition of HK$10.

Please order 4 days in advance. You may indicate your required date in the Remarks column as you place your order. 

If you’re urgent, please call us at (852) 2137 0719 or whatsapp (852) 5122 1279.

Suphia's Functional Food Ice Cream Cakes are supplied by third party.  This collection is exclusively available online only and we can deliver to your address with an addition of HK$120.