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Gluten-free Pound Cake

Before launching this series of cakes, we struggled for a long time, because its appearance is not the usual birthday cake. But if you want to make the topping of ordinary cakes, friends who are allergic to soy and milk cannot enjoy. Vegan cakes are often topped with coconut milk, but not everyone likes coconut flavor, and some friends are allergic to coconut.

​We have never been able to figure this out.

Until one day, a family came to visit our shop and learned that their young daughter needs to abstain from various foods, and they couldn’t find any allergy-friendly cakes. So, we boldly gave up the conventional rules in cake decoration, returned to the basics, and created the "Birthday Pound Cake" series!

Finally, the first birthday cake order was successfully delivered. Seeing their smiles and praise on the taste, we both laughed. We thank them for inspiring us to create this series of allergy-friendly cakes.

We hope this series will bring joy and satisfaction to people with specialty diets!

Update 4/2023

Upgraded: All cakes made by steaming

All pound cakes are now made by steaming which is more healthy, especially to kids. By steaming, the texture of the cake also become even more moist and delicious!

Due to the change of cooking method, the appearance of the cake is modified from before, but the taste will only be better!

Free of Major Allergens

Our recipe does not contain wheat, gluten, eggs, milk, soy, tree nuts, almonds, peanuts, sesame seeds, potatoes, yeast.

Using all natural and allergy-friendly ingredients, friends with specialty diets can enjoy them with peace of mind. (Please refer to the individual product page for detailed ingredients of each cake)

Natural sugar

All our cakes are made with Canadian organic pure maple syrup, or organic coconut sugar.

Maple syrup, a syrup made from the sap of the maple tree, has a glycemic index of only about 54, which is lower than regular sugar, which is about 65. ​The glycemic index of organic coconut sugar is only 35. Coconut sugar is extracted from coconut nectar.

No Nasties

Our cakes do not contain any chemical emulsifiers and preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors.

Suitable for vegans.

Caramelized Apple Cake 6"


Double Chocolate Cake


Storage Method

Please enjoy at ambient temperature. If you cannot finish the cake within the same day, please keep in the fridge 0-4C and consume within 4 days. Reheat before consumption.

Order Details

6 inch (serves 5~8 pax)

*Remark:This cake is not a sponge cake. The texture is more like a muffin. 

Each cake comes along a candle and birthday plastic tag for free.
If you don't need it, please tell us in the Remarks as you place your order.

Please order 3 days in advance. If you’re urgent, please call us at (852) 2137 0719 or whatsapp (852) 5122 1279.

We offer delivery for all online orders at delivery fee HK$120. The delivery hour is 4-7pm. If you have any preferred time, please indicate your preference in the Remarks column also. We will try our best to accommodate. 

If you want to pick up the cake at our Tsuen Wan Shop, please order at the shop. Click here for shop details. 

*Our cake is produced in a gluten-free kitchen, but other production lines handle eggs, nuts, soy, sesame and potato products.

*The above photos are for reference only. The cakes are made by hand, and the appearance of each cake may be slightly different. The actual object shall prevail.

I have never tried a cake that is safe and worry-free. I am grateful to meet this small shop and celebrate my daughter's fifth birthday!
This is a memorable cake. No yeast, preservatives. It is really good with a nice texture. It also has a taste of love and blessings!
Beautiful cake! Love it! I have never tried a cake that is safe to eat! My daughter and I both love it!
Chick Chick Mama
It smells good and tastes like a normal cake. Even family members who ate ordinary cakes were satisfied.
Ms. Ho
Thank you! My daughter loves the cake and she enjoys very much.
Ms. Yip
Delicious! taste and texture like apple muffins.
Mr. Lau
Have repurchased many times! It's not only for birthday celebration, I always think about their cakes on weekdays! Delicious and safe!
Mrs. Chan